• Would you like to make a difference in a young couple‚Äôs marriage?
  • Would you like to help them get off to a great start for a life-long successful marriage?
  • Can you identify the strengths of your own marriage?
  • Have you learned things along the way in your marriage?
  • Can you share encouraging stories about what you have learned?

You may have just found your calling to be a marriage mentor to younger couples. Read on…

We need to help couples grow great marriages from the start. Mentoring is a fun way to share what is ahead in marriage. Whether a couple is newlywed or entering a new stage of marriage, the 12 Conversations program is a simple, encouraging way to strengthen marriages. Sharing stories over snacks, dessert or dinner encourages a friendship between the couples that will last beyond the guided conversations.

Come learn more about this user-friendly model of building strong marriages. Marriage Mentoring: Twelve Conversations fosters the growth of couples, not the “repair or counseling” of couples. It is intended to be a nurturing model for marital health and the prevention of “troubled marriages.”

Click here for two sample conversations to see how the conversations flow.

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