Value of Mentoring

When you learn to drive a car, you get an instructor. You get a permit and your first experiences driving are with an experienced driver.

When you plan a vacation, you get a travel agent to help you know what is available. You may get a map drawn by someone who knows the route, or book the reservations with professionals to get you there.

When you pursue a career, you get training from experts. You earn a degree and have teachers to educate you.

When you want to improve your golf game you get a pro to help you… and you practice.

When you design a house you employ an architect. When you build the house you hire a contractor to get it done.

When you get married, you get a minister to perform the ceremony … but who helps you build the marriage?

Marriage mentors can help you do that! Practical wisdom from mentors can help you learn to do the first-year tasks of marriage right the first time.

Which would you rather do — keep making the first-year mistakes of marriage for ten years OR learn the first-year skills of marriage in year one and move forward with growing a successful marriage? Building a solid foundation for your marriage is crucial for developing a happy marriage.

Falling in love seems so easy. Building a solid marriage that will last a lifetime is a more involved task. Why not seek out a mentor couple to share their love and experiences with you? They have helpful stories to share from lessons they have learned.

They have road maps of experiences to help you find your way in dealing with communication, couple friendship & dating, finances, in-laws, solutions to problems, recreation, intimacy, and healthy marriage habits.

Marriage mentoring can be as simple as finding a couple you respect and hearing their stories of married life. A neighbor, a family member or a church could be a great source for a mentor couple. If your church does not have a mentoring program, encourage your minister to contact to learn more about developing a marriage mentoring program.

Grow a healthy marriage to last for a lifetime!

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