Conducting a Mentor Training Workshop

Option A – Play the Mentor Training DVD from the Leadership Kit that is available from Have couples follow along in the Mentor Training Manual starting at Section One.

Option B – A teacher having viewed the Mentor Training video may use this training manual to train the mentor couples. It is important to know the material well enough that you are not simply reading this material to the potential mentors.  Briefly sharing your experience, some stories from your marriage, and discussion of the above items usually works best.

  1. Explain what marriage mentoring is, how it benefits couples, and that this program is about sharing marriage stories and experiences in an encouraging way.  Ask the attendees if they have ever been in a mentoring type of relationship, what worked well, and if they would have preferred something different from what occurred.
  2. Share from the section “Who Are Marriage Mentors and What Do They Do?”
  3. Invite couples to dialogue with each other the twelve questions from the Exercise, “Assessing Your Readiness to Be a Mentor.”
  4. Discuss “Characteristics of the Mentoring Relationship” and conduct the exercise.
  5. Have workshop couples do Conversation #1 over snacks or dinner as a sample of what mentoring is like.
  6. Discuss the “Tasks of Mentoring” and conduct the exercise that follows.
  7. Ask prospective mentor couples to fill out the Mentor Information Form in the Appendix of this training manual.

Option C – Invite Dr. Gray to conduct the mentor training at your training workshop.  Call 901-681-9200 or email at

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