Health Challenges

12 Conversations for Couples Experiencing Health Challenges

Commitment is a precious gift that we give to one another.  It sustains us in the face of reality when our plans, hopes, and goals are changed when circumstances arise that are beyond our control.  Those realities become our life and shape who we are and who we become.

When an illness comes into our lives, it is like a silent partner joining our relationship.  Learning to live well with this silent partner and incorporate the illness into the fabric of daily life is an important task.  This is the art of weaving our hearts together as we face difficulties side by side.

We have opportunities to build an even stronger relationship as we adapt to illness.  Our stories are a witness of our love in which we reframe illness as a challenge, not a deficit.  Embracing one another’s stories through mentoring is a privilege that shines light on the path for each other.

Mentoring brings hope and encouragement for your journey.  Share your story.  Share strength, warmth, and compassion with one another through these 12 Conversations for Couples Experiencing Health Challenges.

Conversation 1: Thankfulness

Conversation 2: Healthy Relationship Habits

Conversation 3: Making Our Life Together

Conversation 4: Recreation and Playfulness

Conversation 5: Finances

Conversation 6: Communication

Conversation 7: Problem Solving

Conversation 8: Balancing Acts

Conversation 9: Children and Families

Conversation 10: Friendship, Closeness, and Intimacy

Conversation 11: Planning for Our Future

Conversation 12: Celebrations

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