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Survey – 12 Conversations for Leaders Who Last

Dr. Ed Gray’s Sabbatical Research

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12 Conversations for Leaders Who Last

Premise: Leaders who are connected to others with meaningful support, friendship, and / or mentoring will enjoy their roles and work in a productive career.

Target audience: I am looking for responses from males and females, young and older over a broad spectrum of leadership.

My time for sabbatical research is here! I am developing a “12 Conversations” ministry resource to facilitate one-to-one conversations between ministry leaders that lead to increased joy, productivity, spiritual health, and longevity in one’s career. This ministry resource will foster Paul & Timothy, David & Jonathan, and Ruth & Naomi types of relationships. From these email contacts and phone interviews, I will synthesize questions into twelve conversation topics and provide edited questions in each category for the 12 Conversations for leaders. No person will be identified for the question or questions he or she provides. I will post the final edited conversation topics and questions as a free resource downloadable on the internet accessible at after January 2016.

I would love to have access to input from leaders through your ministry and social media connections regarding their ideas on topics and questions they believe would be helpful for these types of conversations.

  • What topic of conversation with a trusted peer helped you in your ministry / leadership?
  • Could you suggest one or two open questions to get such a conversation on that topic started with someone that you trust?

You can respond anonymously to this link: .

Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing from you and people you are connected with in ministry!

Suggested General Topics as of 8-20-15 (Feel free to add your input or thoughts about other topics.)   Leader – to – Leader Topics:   Friendships, Motivations for Ministry, Physical Health, Spiritual Health, Emotional Health, Marriage and Family Health, Social Media, Leadership Challenges, Avoiding Burnout / Leadership Fatigue, The Darker Sides of Leadership, Renewal, Sexual Health / Temptations, Financial Health, Hobbies – Positive distractions from leadership

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