Characteristics of the Program

Proactive. . . helping couples build and nurture marriages.

Simple. . . sharing stories of married life in encouraging ways.

Fun. . . twelve guided conversations over dinner, dessert or snacks once a month (see below).

Practical. . . support for couples as they face new stages and adjustments in marriage.

Friendship. . . a role model of a successful marriage instead of a “marriage counseling,” problem-focused model.

Wisdom. . . conversations tap into the power of stories from everyday life.

Encouragement. . . older and younger couples learning form one another as they intentionally grow their marriage relationships.

The 12 Topics

  • Thankfulness
  • Healthy Marriage Habits: Showing Our Love for Each Other
  • Leaving and Cleaving: Making our Life Together
  • Recreation & Playfulness
  • Money in Marriage
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Balancing Acts: Marriage, Family, Community, & Work
  • Children
  • Friendship, Closeness, & Intimacy
  • Planning for Our Future
  • Celebrating the Holidays

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