What Others Are Saying About 12 Conversations

• “This program is a breakthrough that brings marriage mentoring into the lives of everyday couples who have much to learn from one another. It is elegantly simple–and potentially powerful for building communities that value marriage.”
William J. Doherty, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program, University of Minnesota.
Author of Take Back Your Marriage.
Co-founder of The First Dance: Managing the People Stress of Wedding Planning.

• “Nearly every church leader is wondering what they can do to help young couples make important marriage adjustments. Dr. Ed Gray has provided an answer with his Marriage Mentoring program for churches. It is an outstanding program that utilizes both his expertise as a marriage counselor and the real life experience of couples in local congregations. This is a tested and proven program that actually helps couples face and deal with such things as communication, problem solving, money, children, friends, recreation, healthy marriage habits and many more. I recommend this excellent program to churches to help strengthen their married couples.”
Lynn McMillon, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Biblical Studies
Oklahoma Christian University
Licensed Marital and Family Therapist

• “Dr. Ed Gray’s Marriage Mentoring program is exactly what our churches and families need today. It unleashes the rich resources of experience that our older couples possess and that our younger couples need so desperately. Two couples sitting across a table, sharing their successes, failures, questions, answers, laughter, tears, hopes, dreams and faith – and all in a perfectly non-threatening way – is something that simply has to make our marriages stronger and our churches closer.

Who are the real experts in marriage? In my opinion, they are the people who have built successful marriages in real-life circumstances. These people, and their marriages, are far from perfect, but they possess a wisdom about relationships that books can never deliver. Dr. Ed Gray has recognized these experts and has developed a refreshingly simple way to connect them with couples who are beginning to build their own marriages. Marriage Mentoring is a program that every church can, and should, use to strengthen its homes.”
Bruce McLarty
Vice President for Spiritual Life
Harding University

• “We enjoy the opportunity to develop friendships with younger couples and share our life stories. We notice an ‘energizing effect’ in our own relationship as we remember our earlier years of marriage.”
Jeff & Beth
Mentor Couple

• “We enjoy hearing our mentor couple’s experiences with marriage. We like to hear what went well and what went not so well in their marriage. . . so we can learn from their them. It is surprising how many stories we have in common . . . It makes our marriage seem more normal.”
Ben and Monica
Mentee Couple

• “My wife and I (married for 30 years) are participating in Dr. Gray’s Marriage Mentoring: 12 Conversations program with another younger couple (married for 11 years). What we like about the program is that the questions are practical, engaging, and fun to talk about. The questions probe positive aspects of the relationship in a way that does not create defensiveness or cause embarrassment but allows all parties to share experiences that encourage the other. Not only do my wife and I get to know each other better through this process, we get to share our experiences with the other couple and they share with us. It’s a wonderful marriage enrichment tool. I highly recommend its use. ”
Dr. Dave Bland
Professor of Homiletics
Harding University Graduate School of Religion

• “I was a little apprehensive when we were first asked to use Dr. Gray’s Marriage Mentoring guide because I’ve never participated in a mentoring session such as this and was unsure of the format. I anticipated being very uncomfortable in the sessions because of my lack of experience in mentoring about marriage. After looking at the material, I found that the questions were very well organized and were non-threatening. I enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to each one because the format provided opportunity for great discussion with the couple we were mentoring as well as my spouse. It was a very positive experience.”
Nancy Bland

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